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A Mid-Century Miraj Masterpiece by Haji Abdul Karim

In the 1950s & 1960s, Miraj was know for its tanpuras. Comparatively few sitars were made there. As a result, mid-century sitars like this Abdul Sattar/Haji Abdul Karim are now quite rare.

This instrument is in its unrestored condition, which is how it will remain as long as we possess it.

The surface of the wood and gourd has not been cleaned, except for a light dusting with a dry microfiber cloth.

All of the fittings, both jawari, and all of the pegs are original to the instrument.

We restrung this sitar with Pyramid wire and re-tied the frets with the same weight single-filament line that was used originally.

We acquired this sitar from its original owner, a military man who said he purchased it in Miraj in the late-1950s. We have no way of verifying that information, but we do peg the date as 1950s or 1960s, in part because it has much the same hand-etched badge as the sitar that Tony Karasek bought new from the Haji Adbul Karim shop in 1969.

Compare Tony's on the left, to this one on the right below.

In our opinion, few sitars are more desirable than this instrument, regardless of era or maker. Rikhi Ram necklace instruments from the same timeframe (which we love) are commonplace compared to this sitar.

This instrument is of sufficient rarity that even a skilled restoration of the upper tumba (which would take only a day or so from start to finish) would detract from its value.

This is also one of the best-sounding sitars we've ever had the privilege of playing, particularly in the lower register.

This instrument is part of The Registry's Permanent Collection and is not for sale.


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