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1996 Rikhi Ram Kharaj Pancham Full Carving Sitar

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

This beautiful Rikhi Ram sitar is now for sale in Finland, with worldwide shipping available. The instrument is fully decorated with fine penwork and a large tumba. It is strung gandhar pancham at the moment, but can easily be re-strung kharaj pancham, its original configuration.

This instrument was handed personally to its original and current owner by Bishan Das in the Rikhi Ram shop in Connaught Place, New Delhi in 1996.

This instrument has returned to the shop a few times since 1996 for re-setting, fine-tuning, and jawari. It's owner reports that it now has a mature sound with good volume and sustain, and that all tarabs resonate beautifully and evenly.

The instrument was re-polished by Ajay a few years ago.

This sitar comes with a large matching upper tumba, which was purchased from Ajay Sharma in approximately 2012.

This sitar is currently fitted with a synthetic ghadar jawari, also from Ajay. The synthetic langot will last indefinitely.

It also comes with two additional Kharaj bridges: the original and one made and fitted for this instrument. The owner reports that both are deer horn and jawari-ready.

We have not played or evaluated this instrument in person, but we have several similar examples of the same vintage from the shops of both Ajay and Sanjay. All of the them are very fine, concert-quality instruments.

This sitar is located in Manchester UK, but can be shipped worldwide. We do not know the asking price.

Please direct any inquires to its owner at the following email address:


Disclaimer: The Registry is a not-for-profit project, not a business. It has no financial or other interest in the sale of this instrument. The Registry cannot be involved in any sale of this sitar and makes no representations regarding it. The purpose of this post is to share its beauty and publicize its availability at the behest of its owner in the hope that it will find the best home possible.


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