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A Duet of Rikhi Ram Sitars

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Behold these exquisite Rikhi Ram sitars.

The first is likely from the mid-1960s based on the left-justified gold lettered sans serif badge, the beautiful carving, smooth petal main pegs, and bone langot. Thanks to Tony Karasek for weighing in its age.

The second is likely from the late-1950s to mid-1960s based on the badge, binding, and other attributes.


Please direct any inquires regarding these instruments to their owner at the following email address:


Disclaimer: The Registry is a not-for-profit project, not a business. It has no financial or other interest in the sale of these instrument. The Registry cannot be involved in any sale of these sitars and makes no representations regarding them. The purpose of this post is to share their beauty and publicize their availability at the behest of their owner in the hope that they will find the best home possible.


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