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2018 Tony Karasek "Nice Shoes" Sitar Build

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

This is Karasek Sound kharaj pancham sitar made of mahogany. It has a 34" scale length, a 12.5" tabli, and a 3 5/8" wide neck. Most steps in the build are shown below. The photos are posted with Tony's permission.

The completed instrument.


Gluing up the mahogany lumber.

The cut gourd, raw tabli, and peg box face plate.

In the photo above, far right, note the reinforcement in the center, where face plates too often cleave along mineral streaks in the tone wood.

Reverse side of the tabli, with Tony-ji's mark.

Tracings for the carving.

The tabli and dandi, "in the white."

Assembly. Note the high fret rail nearest the player.

Varnish after assembly. The inlay nearest the langot is stained to match the striker. The absence of pen work on this instrument enhances is dark qualities.

The completed instrument. Spectacular.

The tortoise shell striker is both unusual and beautiful. Tony describes it as a forest fire against bare wood.


The famous recipient of this innovative instrument.


Please visit Tony's website.

Please visit Anoushka's website.


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