1950s Haji Abdul Karim Sitar

Today, Miraj is a mecca of sitarmaking.  That wasn't always so.  In the 1950s and before, Miraj was known primarily for its exemplary tampuras.  Comparatively few sitars were made there.


One of the rarest sitars in our collection, this 1950s Abdul Sattar/Haji Abdul Karim is in original condition.  It has been restrung with Pyramid wire and the frets have been retied with single-filament line. The surface of the wood has not been cleaned, save for a light dusting with a microfiber cloth. This instrument is of sufficient rarity that even a skilled repair of the upper tumba would detract from its value. 


This instrument is availalbe for loan to a museum or qualified charitable institution.  It is part of our permanent collection and is not currently being offered for sale. If you wish to be advised if and when it becomes available, please let us know through the contact form.  



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