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Vintage Naskar's Sitar Restoration

We received this sitar in perfect structural condition, but it had a number of serious cosmetic issues. This was considered a standard instrument when it was made, somewhere between munda and full decoration. After proper setup and adjustment, including replacement of the stag horn jawari with Registry Resin, its sound is sublime.

The tabli was scuffed and gouged. A couple of patta were missing from the upper tumba. Two frets and one chikari post were missing. All of the binding was present, but much of it was buckled and loose. The finish on the main gourd and upper tumba was flaking or missing. A cosmetic mess.

We fabricated new upper tumba patta out of resin, made replacement frets from matching alloy rod stock, and fashioned a new chikari post from camel bone.

It is difficult to peg the era of this sitar with certainty, other than to say that it is mid-to-late twentieth century. Naskar & Co. was founded by Kishori Mohan Naskar in 1941, and sitars with the Naskar badge are made today. The design and materials of this instrument are consistent with a time frame stretching from the 1960s to the 1980s, but several of its features point toward the earlier part of this period, including the munda tabli carving in combination with a kharaj pancham configuration and upper tumba, and eleven tarabs rather than twelve or thirteen.

This reddish color polish on this instrument is the most difficult to reproduce. After repair of the damaged finish, the entire instrument was French polished. Well worth the effort.

Corgi-ji now has another a new friend named Naskar.

This instrument is part of The Registry's Permanent Collection and is not for sale.


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