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Circa-1970 Hemen Sen Restoration

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

This instrument needed only a cosmetic refresh, including a substantial french polish of the entire sitar and touch-ups of both gourds.

Removal of dents & gouges in the finish

It has a thinner tabli, is surprisingly loud, and projects very well. The tarabs are lively. We've shaped the worn jawari to be on the open side of semi-open, consistent with a typical Hemen setup.


This is the sitar that Arjun Verma, one of our favorite sitarists, is playing in the 2013 AACM demo video, when the AACM store had it for sale.


This instrument had been set up perhaps five years ago at AACM (presumably by Kalyan) and needed little adjustment other than jawari. Intonation, wire height, bridge placement, and fret seating are all perfect.


Please visit Arjun's website:



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