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Circa-1950 Mohan Singh Rose Carving Sitar

We acquired this instrument from a delightful lady who bought it in Punjab after she moved to India in 1953. As can be seen below, it was in essentially as-new condition when we received it, except for a broken leg on the main bridge. The wooden case is original to the instrument.

This sitar needed only a good cleaning, fret polish, repair of the main bridge, jawari, and a light French polish. Mohan Singh made sitars under his own badge from about 1949 to 1959. We peg this one during the earliest part of that period because of the hand-etched badge, tabli carving, and tabli penwork.

This instrument is now in the same condition as when it left the shop 70 years ago.

Mohan Singh was one of the great mid-century sitar makers whose instruments were at least equivalent to, and often better than, similarly-styled Rikhi Rams.

This sitar is part of The Registry's permanent collection and is not for sale.


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