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1970s Lion Head Anonyme Sitar

This beautiful sitar required a major tumba reconstruction.

This instrument arrived in decent shape, except for the serious damage to the gourd that happened years earlier.

There were a couple of missing fret, a missing chickari post, and cosmetic issues here and there. The gourd repair was 90% of the restoration work.

We used a lighter color for the refinish for more contrast with the wood.

This is a large sitar that is very loud, projects well, and has great sustain owing to the mass of the carved lion head stock. The jawari is stag horn, yield broad harmonic content from the main playing strings. We plan also to fit it with a polymer-infused resin bridge that will provide the option of an ebony bridge sound, with the pedal tone predominating. This option will make this a very versatile instrument. This was a week-long project that was well worth undertaking.

This instrument is part of The Registry's Permanent Collection and is not for sale.


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